The word “facilitate” means to make easier or enable things to go more smoothly.  An excellent facilitator is a catalyst who infuses meetings with energy, interaction and open dialogue…and makes it all seem easy.

An excellent facilitator is also practical.  Meetings and events should be more than just fun and games.  They must be productive and end with clear outcomes.

So why use a facilitator?

Do you have:

  • A team with strong, divergent opinions that has to make important decisions?
  • A group that needs someone external to challenge status-quo thinking?
  • Personality conflicts getting in the way of good communication?
  • Sensitive or emotional issues that need to surface and get resolved?
  • A geographically disbursed team who needs to build esprit de corps and appreciate each others’ differences?
  • A leadership team that’s working in silos and needs to get on the same page?
  • Meetings that are unproductive and need structure?
  • Boring off-sites with endless presentations that need energy, interaction and creative learning?

Phyllis Roteman has been facilitating for over 20 years.  She does leadership team sessions, strengths- based team building, large events and off-sites, innovation sessions and all types of meetings.  She does everything from creating the agenda, to managing the program, working with presenters and doing live facilitation.

No situation is too tough or unusual (we like challenges). If you think you might need a facilitator, contact us.

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