Your company is unique.  Shouldn’t your training be?

We understand that your company culture, business issues and language are unique to your organization.  Customized training is most successful when the “reality” of your organization is reflected in materials and facilitation. However, it can be tough for an outside contractor to get up-to-speed quickly enough to truly infuse your training design and materials with your unique industry and company “feel.” Not us. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we immerse ourselves in your project and become an expert in your industry and culture.

How we do it

Good news!  Customization doesn’t have to start from scratch!

TLG is unique in that we have over 15 years worth of training content developed by top instructional designers.  We can start your project from scratch, but we rarely need to.  We have a vast library of templates and examples to pull from, which we customize by weaving in your content to achieve your goals.  (It’s like building a house.  You start with a foundation, then you choose from material samples, paint swatches, and models.)

Our customized training is available in a variety of convenient delivery formats:

  • Classroom
  • Synchronous (live webinars)
  • Asynchronous (e-learning, self-paced)
  • Blended (combination of learning activities that may include classroom, webinars, self-paced and action-learning projects)

 Click the image below to learn more about TLG’s customized training process.




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