Values are the core beliefs that define who we are.  They will guide our actions at all times.  As our company grows and changes, these values will remain at the core of everything we do.  And we will actively seek customers and business partners who share these values.

Rebel constructively
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • Challenge assumptions and ask “why?”
  • Know how far you can push the envelope.
Be “one” with the customer
  • See situations through the client’s eyes.
  • Solicit feedback, even when it’s hard to hear.
  • Never take the customer for granted.
Be true to yourself
  • Do the right thing no matter what.
  • Say no when needed (never sacrifice integrity).
  • Work with passion and love what you do.
Communicate respectfully
  • Balance candor with tact.
  • Welcome diverse viewpoints — and be open to changing yours.
  • Strive to understand by asking and listening (know when to shut up).
Lead with heart
  • Care about people on a personal level (it’s not just business).
  • Give back to the community and those who need help.
  • Have fun!
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