Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.  360° assessments can help.

Blind spots are one of the biggest career derailers.  (We believe that what you don’t know CAN hurt you.)  When you have a leader or high-potential employee who needs development or wants to kick their performance up a notch, a 360° assessment can be a real eye-opener.

What is a 360° assessment?


TLG’s approach:

Our experience is that 360° assessments are most valuable when they are:

    • Developmental (not punitive)
    • Positive
    • Driven by an employee’s desire to be coached
    • Structured
    • Customized for the individual or team
    • Done over time (not as a one-time event)
Our Process

TLG uses Assess Systems’ 360° Feedback tool. We incorporate this tool into many of our coaching engagements. We handle all of the administration, so you don’t have the hassles of tracking rater responses, sending reminders or creating reports.

All 360 feedback engagements are customized, as no two situations are alike

Click the image below for a step-by-step description of each element of TLG’s process.


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